The Neighborhood Revisited
Pittsburgh, PA. A trolley ride around Pittsburgh inspired by Mister Rogers’ factory tours, gave us a chance to look at the changing neighborhood and question what that means for the neighbors.Read more.

Darmstadt, Germany. Inspired by the novella of the same name by playwright and poet Georg Büchner, this installation incorporated a room-sized camera obscura as well as smaller hand held devices designed to fit atop visitors’ cellphone cameras. Read more.

Belgrade, Serbia. An ever-changing guidebook to the city created by residents and visitors, this exhibit was a collaboration with artist Kim Beck. Read more.

History of Educational Technology
Alfred, NY. Educational technology past and present served as the inspiration for these overhead projections and filmstrips, many of which were created in collaboration with students and faculty from Alfred University. Read more.

Per Te, a fotoromanzo
Florence, Italy. This exploration of tourism used the form of the fotoromanzo, a soap operas in comic book form. Read more.

Points of View
Pittsburgh, PA. Favorite views of the city’s inhabitants took on the form of interactive sculptures in an installation that also allowed visitors to record their own favorite vantage points. Read more.

2 Degrees of Separation
Buffalo, NY. Building on the South Side Atlas, this project brought together the voices of women in South Buffalo and the South Side of Pittsburgh. Read more.

South Side Atlas
Pittsburgh, PA. A conceptual mapping project based in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Read more.

Miscellaneous Projects are documented here.